25 Years of DDLJ: Kajol believes Simran was little old-fashioned but cool

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) completes 25 years today. The film which is Aditya Chopra’s debut film as a director is still known for its eternal romance and is regarded as the text book of love stories in Hindi cinema. The lead characters Raj and Simran are still worshipped by die-hard romantics.

Kajol DDLJ

Talking on the occasion, Kajol said, “I think DDLJ is timeless because everybody identifies somewhere down the line with Simran and with Raj. I think they just like these characters a lot! They have liked them for years and years now and it’s one of those things that you always like and probably will always like.”

Talking abour her character Simran, Kajol stated, “I thought Simran was a little boring to be honest, but I recognized her. I realized there is a lot of Simran in almost everybody we know, there is always that wanting to do the right thing… Lot of people don’t do the right thing but we always want to do that. You want to get that approval, you want to get that feeling that you are approved of and that you are doing something right in the world. So, yes Simran was like that. I thought she was just cool, a little old-fashioned but cool.”

Kajol DDLJ

Talking about her director, Aditya Chopra, Kajol remarked, “I think what sets Adi apart is probably his conviction. He is very, very convinced of what he is making and doesn’t take on a project if he isn’t absolutely convinced about it. That really is what sets him apart. He is not willing to let go off that basic core conviction that he has in his characters and he knows them best.”

Several generations of Indians fell in love with the idea of romance because of DDLJ. The actress however stated that they had no clue they were making a classic. Said she, “We were shooting for DDLJ and we never thought that we were making this! We just thought we were going to make a really cool film together and hopefully, it will be a hit film and we were all crossing our fingers that the music will do well etc but I don’t think anyone of us ever realized the kind of impact DDLJ would have on people when they saw it!”