A Floating Electromagnetic Wand Accounts For The Majority Of The Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition’s $300 Price Tag

According to our pals at GamesRadar, Avalanche Software unveiled the extremely expensive $300 collector’s version edition of Hogwarts Legacy on August 24.

Limited edition video games might be successful or fail. After all, what if you simply agreed to purchase a triple-digit priced “le epic nerd” swag box in exchange for a genuine 5/10 experience (or 50%, according to the world’s greatest videogame rating system)?

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Imagine, if you will, that you purchase the limited edition of Dragon Age Inquisition as a birthday present in 2014, and it turns out to be a satisfying 7/10 (87%, but it comes with a few cheap trinkets and a “cloth map” that is nothing more than the same dot jpg of Thedas that has been posted on the Dragon Age wiki since 2009, printed on the cheapest polyester imaginable.

Leaving suppositions aside, the Boy Who Lived Super Deluxe Edition of Legacy appears to have no problems with the quality of the products themselves. The book’s massive cast, which has an open copy of the Hogwarts campus map on its pages, serves as the piece de resistance.

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The electromagnets beneath its pages may be turned on by plugging in the book, which also makes the associated magic wand item float above.

But that’s pretty much all. A special outfit and all the digital items from the lower-tier Deluxe edition are also included in the Every Flavored Bean Edition. A steel bookcase is also given to players; however, it only contains a download code for those playing on PCs, another sign of our cursed modernity.

Additionally, Hogwarts Legacy will be accessible to collector’s version buyers three days sooner than the general public.

I can’t help but contrast this with what Limited Run Games and iam8bit, which specialize in beautiful collector’s editions of independent and vintage games, have to offer.