A Glimpse Inside Their Date Night Was Offered By Actor Jake Bongiovi And Actress Millie Bobby Brown

With photos and videos from their date night, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi give viewers a peek into their romance.

The “Stranger Things” actress, 18, posted a romantic picture of her and Bongiovi, 20, eating ice cream sundaes together while holding hands on Instagram on Wednesday. She also uploaded a video of the two playing the dance video game Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade.

The youngest son of Jon Bon Jovi, Bongiovi, responded to the post with the phrase “DDR slayed.”

When they were seen holding hands while walking around New York City last summer, the adorable couple announced their love to the public. They then made their red carpet premiere at the BAFTAs in March 2022.

The pair haven’t been afraid to get close since, as evidenced by the fact that they were seen making out while on holiday in Italy in June.

In a new conversation with Allure magazine, Brown revealed that before meeting Bongiovi, she dated 21-year-old TikTok celebrity Hunter “Echo” Ecimovic. The creator of Florence described Ecimovic’s “blip” of relation as “unhealthy” after they split up in January 2021. They started dating in 2020.

Brown, who was only 17 at the time of their connection, was allegedly “groomed” by Ecimovic, according to a broadcast from back in July 2021. He also claimed that they were involved sexually.

According to Brown’s representatives, his remarks were “not only false but also reckless, rude, and cruel.” They promptly refuted his claims.

According to Brown, who described being “violently attacked,” no one on the set was aware of what she was going through. So it was sort of wonderful to be able to do that on my own without anyone else knowing. When everyone knew, it became difficult.

Ecimovic remarked, “It felt really empowered to move away and realize that I’m valuable everything and that this individual didn’t take anything from me. It seemed as though a chapter in my life that had been incredibly long having suddenly come to an end.