A Mortgage Was Entered Into By Adele In Order To Reside With Her Lover

The well-known singer Adele has been dating sports agent Rich Paul for approximately a year. The star thrived in the presence of the new love, losing weight visibly and developing a radiant smile.

The couple’s union is developing into something more serious. The singer has already moved in with her lover and publicly expressed her desire to have more children the diva already has a kid from a previous marriage.

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The media learned that the celebrity had borrowed 37.7 million dollars back in January to pay for the Beverly Hills home she had purchased from Sylvester Stallone for 58 million. Paul recently moved in with her, and they now share the mansion.

The actor himself constructed the opulent house. He bought some land in 1994 and started from scratch on the house.

The Italian Riviera-inspired house has eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a gym, a room dedicated to cigars, a bar, a swimming pool, a spa, an eight-car garage, and an art studio. The home has expansive views of the canyon and the city.

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This home is just one of the several that Adele has recently purchased in the neighborhood. She has contributed to at least three more Beverly Hills houses valued at $30 million or more.

In the upcoming months, the celebrity will presumably pay off the loan. Her postponed concert tour, which will continue in November, is anticipated to bring in $48 million in revenue.

The first house Adele purchased in 2016 for $9.5 million, which features four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, and a summerhouse, is located next door to Richie’s former residence.


After divorcing her ex-husband Simon Konecki in April 2019, she paid $10.65 million for the six-bedroom house next door. He is supposedly staying there to be near her and their kid Angelo.