Abby Lee Miller Details What Lori Loughlin Will Experience In Jail Since She’s Serving At The Same Facility!

Lori Loughlin is soon going to jail to serve her two-months-long sentence and as it seems, she will be spending that time at the same facility as Abby Lee Miller! That being said, the latter decided to break down what life in there is going to be for the actress.

As you might have heard, Lori is heading to Southern California’s Victorville Federal Correctional Institution and that also just so happens to be where the former Dance Moms star was incarcerated as well.

In other words, she knows all too well, from personal experience, the kind of daily routine Lori Loughlin is going to have once she starts her sentence.

The Full House actress is set to report to the facility on November 19 and stay there for two months for her involvement in the United States’ biggest college entrance fraud case.

As far as Abby Lee Miller is concerned, the fact that Lori played the beloved Aunt Becky on Full House and on Fuller House will help her a lot among the inmates.

‘I think she’s going to be absolutely fine because her character on television is sweet and nice and she’s not — People don’t love to hate her like my character, like what I was on television. People love to hate me, where she is this nice ray of sunshine and that’s what people think she is. Her crime offended everybody, but it didn’t really hurt anyone,’ Abby explained.

She went on to talk about the food, mentioning that it’s not as bad as people might think prison food is.

After all, the women in the facility are the ones who take turns to cook so it can vary from day to day.

Of course, the bad part of being in jail is the repetitiveness of every day, Abby comparing the routine to ‘Groundhog Day.’

Abby did mention that inmates spend time in the library playing games, there are different programs happening and even private lessons of all kinds. Finally, while she was inside the facility, Abby watched TV until lights out and also read over 150 books!