Amazon discounts Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras ahead of Prime Day

If you’ve had any Blink cameras on your to-buy list, you’re in luck. Amazon has discounted both the Indoor and Outdoor versions of its compact, wireless security cameras for Prime members, so you can get a Blink Indoor one-camera pack for $55 and a Blink Outdoor one-camera bundle for $60. The wired Blink Mini has also dropped in price to $30, while the Blink Video Doorbell has been discounted to only $35.

Buy Blink Indoor (Prime exclusive) at Amazon – $55 Buy Blink Outdoor (Prime exclusive) at Amazon – $60 Buy Blink Mini (Prime exclusive) at Amazon – $30 Buy Blink Video Doorbell (Prime exclusive) at Amazon – $35

Blink cameras are affordable options for those that want some kind of security camera network keeping watch over their home. Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras share most of the same features: they record 1080p video and support infrared night vision, two-way audio, motion alerts and temperature monitoring. As the name suggests, the Blink Outdoor devices have a weather-resistant design, so you can mount them over your front door, above your garage and in any other outdoor space you want to monitor.

Arguably the best thing about Blink cameras is their wireless design. Neither the Indoor nor Outdoor devices need to be plugged in, rather they run on two AA batteries each and communicate wirelessly to the Blink Sync Module. That gives you much more freedom when it comes to placing these gadgets around your home. Plus, the batteries should last up to two years before you need to replace them.

If you’d rather try the system out before fully diving in, the Blink Mini is a good way to do that. It has all of the features the standard Blink cameras do, but it’s wired rather than wireless. While that makes it a bit less versatile, it’s hard to argue with a capable security camera that comes in at only $30.

As for the Video Doorbell, it combines the features of a Blink camera with smart doorbell features. Along with two-way audio and motion alert support, it’ll record videos in 1080p and you can choose to hardwire it to your existing doorbell system or keep it wireless.

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