Amazon’s Fire TV Cube can now handle two-way video calls

Amazon is bringing several Alexa-powered features to the second-generation Fire TV Cube, including two-way video calls. Since the device doesn’t have a camera, you’ll need to connect a webcam that has UVC support and a resolution of at least 720p. It’ll also need to capture video at a minimum of 30 frames per second — 4K webcams aren’t recommended, however. You’ll also require a Micro USB to USB adapter to hook it up to the Micro USB port.

You’ll then be able to place and receive hands-free video calls with other Alexa-powered devices with a screen, such as an Echo Show or a phone or tablet with the Alexa app. Once you’ve imported your contacts, you can ask Alexa to call someone else’s device. You’ll be able to use commands like “Alexa, video on” or ask the voice assistant to end the call.