Amazon’s free news app on Fire TV now features local stations

Amazon is adding local coverage to its Fire TV news app. Starting today, Fire TV users can access live and on-demand news from local channels based in 12 cities across the US — New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Boston, San Francisco and of course Seattle.

Amazon’s news app comes pre-installed on all Fire TV streaming devices and smart TVs sold in the US. With today’s rollout, you can add two cities to your list of favorites, and then you’ll get a mix of coverage from those places. Some of the channels you’ll find through the app include BSN Chicago and KIRO7 Seattle. You can watch those alongside all the national news networks Amazons already offers through the Fire TV news app. Amazon says today’s rollout is just the start of its commitment to making local news more accessible. Throughout 2021, it plans to add support for 90 cities across the US.