Amazon’s weirdly judgy fitness tracking bracelet is now on sale

After coming out earlier this year on an invite-only basis, Amazon’s Halo Band activity tracker is now available to anyone in the US who wants to buy one. You can purchase the wearable for $100 on Amazon and Best Buy. It’s available in three colors: black, blush and silver. You’ll need to pay for the company’s Halo subscription fitness program to get the most out of it. The monthly membership will set you back $4 after a complimentary six-month trial period expires.

The Halo Band doesn’t feature a display like your traditional Fitbit tracker or Apple Watch. What it does have are a couple of capabilities that have so far appeared in no other wearable. It includes two built-in microphones that will measure the tone of your voice. Each day, it will provide you with a tonal breakdown and suggestions on how to sound warmer. The accompanying Halo app also includes a feature that allows you to take a full-body selfie of yourself, which Amazon then uses to estimate your body fat percentage.