Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Ex-Husband Chris Larangeira And Her Castmates Are Trying To Destroy Her Life

Angelina Pivarnick has been the talk of every person ever since she joined the franchise of “Jersey Shore”. She recently joined the show and ever since drama has ensured constantly. Her life may be stressful but it sure is fun for the “Jersey Shore” fans to watch.

Angelina has been providing most of the entertainment for the show this time. Her castmates just seem to chill and add in some additional occasional comic relief.

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In the show, Angelina openly claimed that her ex-husband and her castmates were just trying to ruin her life. She claimed they were just throwing dirt in her name and ruining her image in front of many. She also claimed that with everything going on, she felt as if she needed God in her life.

Angelina seems to have only one person in her corner currently and that is the priest who officiated her wedding. During the meeting, Angelina stated that she still wears her wedding ring. She mentioned how she and Chris had already been estranged and were headed towards divorce by the time the original episode had been released. But she did say that she still wears the ring mostly because she felt more comfortable with it on. She revealed that only sometimes would she take the ring off.

Before leaving the church, she also pondered over the idea of dating a priest. However, she decided against it because she believed everything would go up in flames if she ever did.

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Her castmates had been in El Paso this week. Angelina Pivarnick had facetimed Pauly D to wish him luck on his upcoming gig. However, she completely lost it when she saw Mike Sorrentino in the background. She had cut the call after some profanity.

Mike Sorrentino now pretends that he doesn’t know why Angelina Pivarnick has been angry at him although he has been exposing her throughout the season. To calm the situation, Pauly D made a joke that “I don’t know why she’d be mad at Mike except maybe the fact Mike was talking to the boyfriends … and husbands and side-pieces and ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands.”


Mike is still defending his actions saying it wasn’t entirely his fault. He claimed she just liked to have problems with other people.