Anniversary Special: Pictures That Prove Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Are The Mushiest Couple Ever

It feels like yesterday when some beautiful pictures of Priyanka Chopra walking down the aisle in a seventy feet veil hit the internet. Nick Jonas standing by the alter, waiting for her beautiful bride, it was all like a dream. But in reality, this power couple celebrates two years to their wedding today.

Ever since their grand wedding in 2018, Priyanka and Nick have been busy with work, taking trips and tours but still have managed to spend some amazing time together. The two keep their fans updated with cute posts and funny captions about their life and we sure are hooked to their adorable love story.

As this couple celebrates their second wedding anniversary, we take a trip down memory lane to pick out some of the cutest pictures from their social media that prove there isn’t another couple like them.