Apple is shutting down its Music Memos recording app

Anytime you download an app, there’s a chance the developer that created it will one day sunset one of your favorite experiences. Unfortunately, that’s to be the fate of Apple’s Music Memos software. This week, the company updated the app to version 1.0.7. Coincidently, this is the first time Apple has updated Music Memos in more than a year, and the sole purpose of this new version is to facilitate the app’s shutdown.

Music Memos, if you need a refresher, is free recording software Apple released in 2016. At the time, the company positioned it as a more robust alternative to Voice Memos tailored to musicians’ needs. It came with handy features like a built-in tuner and didn’t compress audio files in the way that Voice Memos is known to do. That made it perfect for quickly and easily recording snippets of songs when you got a flash of inspiration.