Apple’s HomePod mini is a smaller, spherical smart speaker

It has a spherical design and runs on Apple’s S5 processor, the same chip that powers Apple Watch SE and Watch Series 5. The current HomePod boasts Apple’s A8 processor. At 3.3 inches, it’s a little less than half as tall as the HomePod.

Of course, the speaker has deep integration with other Apple products. You can hand off music and calls from your iPhone, or play audio from Apple TV or your Mac. You’ll be able to pair two HomePod minis for stereo sound, and play the same audio on multiple HomePods across several rooms. There’s an intercom option, so you can broadcast your voice to another HomePod elsewhere too.

Along with Apple Music, the Homepod mini plays podcasts and radio stations from iHeartRadio,, and TuneIn. In the coming months, it will work with Pandora and Amazon Music too. There was no mention of Spotify, however.