Apple’s iOS 12.5 adds COVID-19 exposure notifications for older iPhones

Earlier this year, Apple rolled out iOS 13.7, which added a COVID-19 exposure notification framework. This Exposure Notifications system allowed you to opt in and find out if you’ve been in contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19. Unfortunately, that was only available for iPhones 7 and up. Now, however, Apple has released iOS 12.5, which finally adds the same COVID-19 notification to older iPhone models as well (iPhone 6 and older). Note that this is separate from iOS 14.3 that rolled out today.

According to Apple: “iOS 12.5 lets you opt-in to the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications system for your iPhone. System availability depends on support from your local public health authority.” And, depending on where you live, you won’t even need an app to sign up.