Apple’s iOS ad-tracking targeted by European privacy campaigner

Apple’s use of IDFA has already been the subject of much gnashing and wailing this year, but on the side of the ad industry. It was originally envisioned as an opt-out system, but with the advent of iOS 14, Apple made it opt-in. Additionally, when an app was downloaded, the user would be told what was going on, and had to give express consent to its use. This upset so many advertisers that they have attempted to launch an antitrust complaint in France saying that it would be an “abuse.” Apple, notably, chose to delay the change to how it handles IDFA until 2021 to give the industries more time to adjust.

It’s not clear how seriously Apple should take a claim like this since it can point to plenty of evidence suggesting that it does take privacy seriously. But Schrems has developed a reputation as someone who can topple legal frameworks and policies made by some of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the world.