At The Most Recent Bullet Train Premiere, Brad Pitt Opted Out Of The Skirt And Wore Bright Lime

Brad Pitt has recently made us happy with his appearances and surprisingly elegant red carpet solutions. Given that they are still embroiled in a legal battle over the winery, it’s possible that by acting in such an unusual manner, he’s trying to convince his ex-wife of what a womanizer she’s lost.

The next masterpiece in filmmaking, starring a handsome Hollywood man, should take priority right now. Thus the proceedings should wait. Even if you haven’t yet considered watching the new action film Faster than a Bullet, it’s obvious that the lead actor will make a unique entrance.

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Although his last appearance in a knee-length linen skirt had us completely smitten, Brad this time chose a vivid green suit instead.

The actor should unquestionably receive an A for color coordination because he chose to layer a turquoise T-shirt under casual attire.

Pitt undoubtedly knows more about the “three parallel colors” guideline than Pitt, so the extreme palette did not grab all of the attention itself.

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His beloved Gazelle sneakers from the lauded Adidas X Gucci collaboration completed his summertime adventure. The cover of “Stayin’ Alive” from the film’s quick-witted trailer started playing as the entire Bullet Train family was gathered around, getting ready to snap their family portraits.

Although Pitt avoided wearing a top with a lemon or tangerine color, he nonetheless flashily represented the citrus color family.

Be careful not to become too accustomed to this appearance, though, as Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train outfit, which hits theatres this weekend, is a little more understated.


Pitt should have lots of opportunities to mix things up in his upcoming films, so who knows what we’ll see him wear in the near future. We suggest following Brad’s lead if you’re seeking a pair of shoes that are completely universal for everyone.