Ayushmann Khurrana gives a tribute to the late Kishore Kumar

Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the finest actors in today’s time. Ayushmann can sing and write too and his fans totally adore it. The actor has come out and said it several times that he is extremely intrigued by the life of Kishore Kumar and looks upto the multi-talented genius. Well, so it wasn’t a surprise that today on late Kishore Kumar’s death anniversary, Ayushmann went out of his way. The actor took to social media to remember the legend and said, “You have and will always be my greatest inspiration and your legacy will live on forever.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Remembering the multi-talented genius Kishore Kumar today.” He also posted a video of himself singing Kishore Kumar’s iconic track O Majhi Re. Ayushmann even wrote a heartfelt caption with it.

Kishore Kumar

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