Ayushmann Khurrana lists down 5-Musts in your Fitness regime

Ayushmann Khurrana who’s currently bulking up for his next film has always been a fitness enthusiast. In one of our interviews, the Andhadhun speaks about fitness and mentions five simple fitness rules that everyone should follow.Firstly, Ayushmann Khurrana says that one should know their body type, “There is a fad these days of doing heavy cardio, which is wrong. It works only for athletic bodies.

Ayushmann Khurrana Fitness

His second tip is, “If you have a good metabolism like me then take it easy with diet. Otherwise go for a high-fibre diet. Being an athlete always helps. It gives you a good posture.” His third tip is, “Don’t go for fat burners and steroids—things that are quick fixes. They have long time side effects like hair loss, low sperm count and affect your back as well.”

His fourth tip is very simple. Says he, “Have lots of water.” He fifth tip is about the fitness attire. He states, “Wear clothes that allow free movement, like track pants, shorts and loose t-shirts.” He doesn’t stop there. He reminds gym goers to apply a deodorant or a cologne every time they workout.” It is such a put off when there’s bad odour in the gym,” he grimaces.

Ayushmann Khurrana Fitness

Ayushmann is currently training rigorously to build a physique for his next film where he plays an athlete.