Big report: The IandB Ministry issues SOPs for cinemas and viewers

Big report: The I&B Ministry issues SOPs for cinemas and viewers

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had confirmed that cinema halls will reopen from October 15. However, they said that guidelines will be provided which the people will have to follow. The Ministry also said that different states can decide if they wish to reopen the cinema halls or not according to the situation in their area. Well, amidst all this the ministry finally released the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) this morning and there are some big changes that have come in. Only packaged food will be available in cinema halls, two shows starting time or ending time will not collide to avoid crowd gathering, 50% occupancy will be allowed in cinema halls, advance booking of tickets will be made mandatory, online payments will be encouraged.

I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar said earlier today, “We have issued SOPs as per our discussion with the Ministry of Health. We have allowed 50% capacity in cinema halls, which means skipping one seat and sitting. Airing PSAs or announcements about wearing masks will be mandatory before the film and after the interval.”Cinemas Cinemas Cinemas

SOPs released by the I&B ministry include:

    Advance booking of tickets Digital payments will be encouraged Maximum 50% occupancy in the cinema halls allowed Alternate seats have to be marked as ‘Not to be occupied’ to maintain social distancing Only asymptomatic persons will be allowed Only packaged food and beverages shall be allowed. Delivery of food and beverage inside the hall/auditorium not allowed, you’ll have to go to the counter to place an order Staggered show timings Queue markers for entry and exit from the auditorium and the premises Entry and exit to be done in a staggered row-wise manner to avoid crowding Longer intermissions to allow audience to move in a staggered manner Sufficient time gap between successive screenings at each screen as well as across screens in a multiplex Cinemas/theatres/multiplexes auditorium shall be sanitised after every screening Management shall ensure the observance of physical distancing and prevent crowding in the food and beverage area
Cinemas Cinemas Cinemas