Billie Lourd Shocks Fans By Introducing Her Newborn To The World After Keeping Pregnancy A Secret – Find Out The Baby’s Special Name!

The American Horror Story star took to her IG account to share some surprising news! That’s right! As it turns out, Billie Lourd is a first-time mother after she welcomed her bundle of joy in secret!

Naturally, fans were really surprised to hear about this since Billie actually managed to keep her pregnancy hidden for the entirety of the nine months she carried her new son.

In other words, nobody had any idea that Billie Lourd was getting ready to welcome a new life all these months!

Regardless, earlier today, she decided it was finally the time for her to introduce her son to the world and that’s exactly what she did!

This also comes about three months after her boyfriend, Austen Rydell, shared the news of their engagement.

The couple was romantically linked back in 2015 but truly rekindled their romance in 2017 and it appears that ever since, things have been going really well for them since they made such huge steps in their relationship.

The post the talented actress shared included an adorable black and white pic of the baby boy’s tiny feet and she also revealed his name in the caption!

That being said, Lourd and Rydell decided to give him three surnames, therefore not only honoring Rydell as the father but also Lourd as the mother and the baby’s late grandmother, the legendary Carrie Fisher.

The announcement reads: ‘👑💙👑Introducing: 💙👑💙Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell💙👑💙.’

The Fisher name was not the only way Billie honored her late mother, however!

She also made another nod to Carrie by dressing the bundle of joy in a Star Wars onesie.

Fans were quick to take to the comment section to congratulate Billie and express their surprise over the unexpected news as well!

One follower wrote: ‘Wow had no clue you were expecting!! Congrats!! ✨✨,’

Another gushed that ‘He’s amazing. Congratulations.’