‘BioShock Collection’ and other Switch games get big discounts at Amazon

Buy Animal Crossing at Amazon – $50 Buy Animal Crossing at Walmart – $50

Buy Pro Controller at Amazon – $59 Buy Pro Controller at Walmart – $59

In addition to BioShock, you can get Animal Crossing: New Horizons for an all-time-low price of $50, too. The island-living game that got many through 2020 with its charming escapism dropped to this price back in March, right after it came out. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll see the discounted price on the product page — non-Prime members will have to add the game to their cart to see it.

Also at record-low prices are XCOM 2 Collection, which is down to $25, and The Outer Worlds, which has fallen to $30. While not the lowest prices ever, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch have also dropped to good sale prices — $25 and $26, respectively.

It’s likely that we’ll see more Nintendo Switch game sales as we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we’ll likely see some good bundles that include a title or two when you buy a Switch console. However, it’s unlikely that the Switch itself will drop lower than its normal $300 price. However, you can change things up (and possibly make gameplay more comfortable) with Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller, which is on sale for $59 right now. It dropped this low last month as well, but you have another chance to grab it while it’s still on sale. It’s one of our favorite controllers for the Switch, mostly because it’s Xbox-style design gives you most control while also being more comfortable than the standard Joy-Cons.

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