Bipasha Basu Shares How She Began Her Fitness Journey and How She Aced it Like a Boss

There is nobody who understands fitness like Bipasha Basu. In one of her interviews with a leading daily, the actress spoke about how her fitness journey started. Bipasha Basu said to the daily that when she started out in the movie business she was called fat. So in 2005 she started exercising without much information. Said she, “I didn’t have the knowledge of what I was doing, and that led to osteoarthritis of the knees. Physical activity is something one must be wise about.”

Bipasha Basu Fitness

She soon made gym her temple and started exploring other workout regimes to make sure that the smaller muscles in the body didn’t get ignored. And hence she started practicing pilates for those smaller muscles and yoga for mental health.

She further added that every firness regime must start with the understanding of one’s body. She stated, “You can’t achieve anything without it, and you can’t be happy without good health.” Bipasha Basu further said, “As one grows older, it is easy to realise that it’s not just the activity that one does that matters, but also the lifestyle, which includes the amount of rest you take.”

Bipasha Basu Fitness

The Bengali actress is a big foodie and sweets are her weakness, “I don’t believe in starving and moderation has helped me (stay in shape). I do tend to go overboard sometimes, but I wake up and realise that I need to zip my mouth.”

Now that’s a perfect way of how to kickstart a fabulous fitness journey.