Brielle Biermann Sits On Her Father’s Lap And People Have Questions — Are They Going Too Far?

Brielle Biermann sat on her father’s lap and people are freaking out. Now many want to know if they are going too far. Brielle is 23-years-old and her dad, Kroy Biermann, adopted Brielle and her sister Ariana in 2013. He is their legal father and the girls view him as such. Brielle sat on Kroy’s lap for several birthday photos and shared them on social media, including her Instagram account, where some people left very negative comments.

There were multiple comments by people who accused Brielle and Kroy of being inappropriate with each other. This isn’t the first time that a father has come under fire for having his daughter sit on his lap. President Donald Trump has been blasted on social media for throwback photos that showed his daughter Ivanka sitting on his lap when she was a teenager.

Now people are asking the question, “Is it inappropriate for daughters to sit on their father’s lap?”

Brielle shared the photos along with the following caption in honor of Kroy Biermann‘s 35th birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing father & man I’ll ever know. I couldn’t imagine a life without your hardworking, selfless, loving, caring self! I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished 🤍 we had too much fun last night i forgot to post yesterday 🖤 love love you dad!

One fan left their point of view regarding the controversy under Brielle’s photo slideshow and stated the following.

The comments of her sitting on her Dad’s lap is disturbing and to say have they hooked up, like what is wrong with you people. He’s such an amazing example of what it’s like to take care of and love children like his own. The episode where he adopts you girls had me in tears. Such an amazing bond and beautiful family. Laugh at your haters baby girl. 👌🏽♥️

It is important to understand that Kroy Biermann adopted Brielle and Ariana and is not their “stepfather” as some people and media outlets have stated. He is their legal father and should be referred to as such.

Some have suggested that it is possible those who see something wrong with Brielle sitting on her dad’s lap may be victims of sexual abuse or molestation therefore when they see the photo, they are being reminded or triggered of their own past abuse.

What do you think about the photos that Brielle Biermann shared? What are your views on the controversy? Do you see something wrong with Brielle Bierman sitting on her father’s lap?

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