Bud Light put a PC and a projector inside a six-pack, for charity

Anheuser-Busch thinks that the best games console is one that can also store a couple of cans of the cold stuff. The brewery is launching BL6, a gaming PC in the shape of a six-pack with a built-in projector and, naturally, a couple of koozies to keep your light beers cold. Never one to say no to a techy marketing stunt, it’s the latest in a long series of gadgets and gizmos created by the beer brand.

The brewery is putting its tongue far into its cheek with the BL6, a product it compares to some other next-generation consoles that came out recently. And while Microsoft and Sony’s efforts can probably beat it spec-for-spec, neither rival machine comes with its own beer cooler, does it. It’s auctioning off a model, with all proceeds going to the National Restaurant Foundation. That money will support the charity’s “Change Is On The Menu” program, which helps train people in the food service industry.