Chrome users will get more control over extension access to website data

Extensions are such an integral part of the modern web experience that it’s hard to imagine using a browser without any. But they’re not without their faults. Like mobile apps, browser plugins offer developers another way to collect and sell your data to advertisers. We’ve all run into those extensions that ask for permission to see everything you do online. Thankfully, Google will implement new Chrome policies in 2021 will give you more control over how much data they can collect.

Next year, when you add a new plugin to Chrome, you’ll have say over whether it can access a website you visit, not the other way around. You’ll still have the option to grant an extension access to all the websites you visit, but that won’t be the default in the future. Instead, you can pick and choose on a case by case basis, and the plugin will remember your choice for a given web domain.