Courtney Stodden Is Now A Gorgeous Brunette — Check Out Her New Look!

Courtney Stodden has grown up since becoming a child bride at the age of 16. Now she’s 26-years-old, divorced, and exploring what it means to be a feminist. She’s using her social media platforms to share her growth with her fans and many have noticed that she’s also drastically changed her appearance. Courtney is still a bombshell, but she’s no longer the bleached-blonde bombshell that the public has come to know her as. Courtney has dyed her hair and is now a brunette and the public loves the look on her.

Courtney has shared several photos of her new hair color on her Twitter account and fans can’t get over how different she looks.

Courtney has light blue eyes and the combination of her dark brown hair with her blue eyes is quite striking. Some have compared her recent look to that of Megan Fox and ironically, Megan’s estranged husband, Brian Austin Green, recently made headlines after spending time with Courtney but things didn’t go well between the two.

Courtney wears her hair with long layers and in several photos that she shared, she still has the same style, it is only her hair color that has changed.

You may see one of the photos that Courtney Stodden shared on Twitter with her new, brown hair below.

Courtney wore a black, tank top dress and wore large gold, hoop earrings and paired them with a matching gold necklace. In the first photo, Courtney looked directly at the camera. She posed for a profile shot in the second photo. You may see that picture that Courtney Stodden shared below.

Courtney has been working on her book and has released new music. Many people are surprised to find out that Courtney is a singer and has amassed a following of fans who love her music. You can hear some of Courtney Stodden’s music here.

What do you think about Courtney Stodden’s new hair color? Are you a fan of her brown locks? Do you like Courtney Stodden better as a blonde or a brunette?

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