Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Reveal Preventative Measures For Their Wedding After Getting Backlash For Hosting 250 Guests

In one way or another, nearly everyone had plans for this year before it was ravaged by COVID-19 which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have decided to go through with hosting 250 guests in one spot for their 10/10/20 wedding.

Although restrictions have been lifted, most people are hesitant to attend or host a large gathering. Considering that people have been forced to cancel weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and have something as morbid as a virtual funeral — she definitely received backlash from people who feel that she should either scale down her crowd size or wait until things get better.

Wendy Williams said on her show Friday morning that Bailey was being selfish.

‘At first, I said they’re wasting a lot of money. Like where did they get this money? She’s not just a housewife, but just a housewife. You know, and he’s just a sportscaster. And during this time of the corona, I just feel like when it comes to money, save, save save. The economy is really bad. Kids aren’t going to school. Parents are being forced to stay home you know with their children. People are losing jobs. People are being stabbed, shot and dying. You know the front line workers are exhausted. The hospitals are full, but goes Cynthia and Mike. I wouldn’t go to this wedding. Why don’t you hire a justice of the peace to come to your house for tomorrow? So you will technically be married. And then you wait until this virus is over, maybe a year or two from now, cause I don’t trust any of these health people, not one, and then you have a party with your friends. You still wear masks and the sanitizer, but just not the big deal- selfish.’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently talked to People Magazine about the preventative measures that she’s putting in place at her country club wedding venue.

There will be masks, face shields, temperature check. People will even be able to eat outside because there won’t be traditional round dinner tables.

Hopefully, Cynthia’s wedding doesn’t become a hotspot where this virus could spread.