Cynthia Bailey Offers Her Thoughts After Watching The Presidential Debate

Cynthia Bailey is another person who watched the Presidential Debate and seemed disappointed. Check out what she shared on her social media account.

‘“Will you shut up man!” my thoughts exactly while watching the presidential debate last night. what you guys think? #vote2020’ Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Biden shows zero respect for the office, yet wants it. Would it be okay for someone to say that to Obama, no matter the circumstance? Of course not.’

Another commenter posted this message: ‘But the fact that #45 kept dodging questions, never owning anything he has done while in office is a total disgrace & remember to register to vote! NO VOTE IS A VOTE FOR #45 again.’

One other follower said: ‘Seriously, he may have acted a clown but was the only one with Any Knowledge! Biden couldn’t even say Equality! 👌🏽’

A person posted this message: ‘I wish Biden would’ve clapped back when he started with disrespecting his deceased son. I would’ve asked him, why did his brother really die? Was it covid? Why must democrats always take the high road. Fight back? Chump went way below the belt and deliberately went for the throat.’

One other commenter wrote: ‘Well we have definitely never seen anything like that before well maybe there was a reunion show with Nene, but she was kind of funny… He definitely is not… Wait till he reads all the media today his diaper is really going to be on🔥’

Someone else left this message in the comments: ‘Please don’t take lightly his racist threats. He is leading these HATE groups. They are ready to move on his command. Stay ready and prepared.🙏😥’

Just the other day, Cynthia Bailey promoted voting on her social media account via the latest video that she dropped.

‘Make your voices heard & [email protected] #rhoa #bravotv #planyourvote’ Cynthia captioned the video that she shared.