Da Brat Reveals She Dated Kirk Frost — He Gave Her Thousands Of Dollars!

Da Brat recently made it public that she was engaged to BB Jud. However, she went down a trip on memory lane as she recently spoke with Kandi Burruss.

For years, Da Brat has not commented on her sexuality. To many, it was no secret that she was attracted to women.

In the 90’s she dated high-profile basketball star Allen Iverson that was pretty public. She revealed to Kandi that they never spoke about their bisexuality but she thinks he knew and she really enjoyed the relationship she had with him.

‘I would get up in the morning, I’m a grandma’s child, I’m very domesticated, like I like cooking, I like cleaning, I like folding, I like doing stuff like that. It’s like therapeutic. I used to wake up and pick his clothes out, and cook breakfast […]. The things he liked, just to make sure he was happy, and he spoiled me and made sure I was happy.’

While the rapper did have a good time dating him, she said that he had too many things going on.

Da Brat also revealed something not many people knew — she also dated Kirk Frost.

She recalled the night he handed her thousands of dollars in cash just to talk to her. She also said that he bought her a car!

‘Kirk Frost, Rasheeda’s husband, before they were married when I first met him….He wrote his name and number on 20, 100 dollar bills and begged me to call him. Not begged me, but asked me to call him. And wrote his name and number on the front and back of each one. I got a Lincoln Navigator, I got quite a few things. Maybe throughout the course, for a little while.’

That was quite the interesting interview by Burruss that garnered lots of talk in the comment section wondering what else went down in the 90’s.