Denise Richards Reportedly ‘Really Wanted To Return’ To ‘RHOBH’ Despite Exit From The Show – Details!

As fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are aware, Denise Richards is no longer part of the show. The reality TV star decided to leave after only two seasons but now, one insider report claims to know that she is not against returning to RHOBH one day!

Denise Richards has no regrets when it comes to her decision to depart the popular reality TV show but, at the same time, she’s reportedly ‘open’ to coming back in the future.

In fact, she ‘really wanted to return’ for season 11 but things just didn’t work out.

The source explained via HollywoodLife that ‘Denise really wanted to return for a third season of Housewives, much to a lot of people’s surprise. She knows a lot of the show revolved around her this season so she wanted a hefty pay raise. [She also wanted] more control when it came to storylines and things that would and wouldn’t be spoken about on camera. Ultimately, they just could not come to an agreement so she walked.’

At the same time, Denise was also in the middle of the biggest drama in season 10 after reports started coming out that she had an affair with co-star Brandi Glanville.

That being said, while the latter all but confirmed their fling, even providing proof, such as that grainy kissing pic, Denise continued to deny the affair claims.

Because of that, ‘This season was really stressful for her and she didn’t enjoy it as much, but as a whole, she enjoyed her experience being a housewife. It seems she’s open to returning again if the right deal were in place no matter who’s on the cast. She did not want it to look like she was running away from anything because she really does maintain that nothing ever happened with Brandi and she was really ready to move on from it and talk about other things.’

In other words, Denise Richards just wants to focus on her acting career for the time being and is not losing any sleep over her exit from RHOBH.