Descript lets you edit videos by tweaking text scripts

You can also use Descript to capture screen recordings. You can record video of your screen and webcam feed, and edit them in the same way. Descript’s screen recordings are free and you’ll have limited access to the editing tools without a paid plan, which starts at $12/month.

Descript, whose CEO is Groupon co-founder Andrew Mason, has been best known until now for trying to make audio editing as easy as working in a collaborative Google Doc. Bringing that same level of simplicity to video editing is no mean feat, particularly since you can work on a project with several other people at the same time by sharing links with them.

Video editing has long been on Descript’s road map, according to Mason. “Today’s creators have a healthy disregard for the traditional boundaries of content mediums — YouTubers make podcasts, podcasters are distributing on YouTube — and they need a tool that’s equally capable in audio and video,” he wrote. “Breakthroughs in AI enable the creation of this new class of narrative media creation tools — one doesn’t force a trade-off between power and ease of use. We’ve been building this foundation for over five years, and it’s finally here.”