Diana Pentys The Khaki Project raises 17 lakh to help 5800 police officers in Mumbai

The coronavieus pandemic has created difficulties for everyone, especially the frontline workers. The police department has been faceing grave challenges as they provide assistance to citizens on a round-the-clock basis. So much that thousands of policemen have been infected by the deadly virus and many have even died.

Diana Penty Mumbai

During these tough times, many Bollywood stars have come through for those in need. Diana Penty too has been going all out in doing her bit to help those in need. The actress has extended a helping hand to police authorities to distribute essential equipment to keep health risks at bay. These include hand sanitizers and eyewear. Through her ‘Khaki Project’, the actress has raised more than Rs. 17 lakhs. This has helped provide safety essentials to 5800 police personnel across 34 police stations in Mumbai.

Taking to Instagram, she thanked everyone for their support in raising the amount, and wrote, “Thank you from every corner of my heart to each and everyone of you for your generous contribution towards The Khaki Project. Your love and support is what kept us going. A special shout-out to @salaambbayorg for all the assistance in making this happen. More power to you guys We are truly grateful for all the things we could accomplish with your kindness. We are truly grateful for all the things we could accomplish with your kindness.” Take a look at her post below.

Keep up the good work, Diana!

Diana Penty Mumbai