Diddy Has Fans Emotional After Posting This Video

Diddy managed to impress his fans with a video that he decided to share on his social media account not too long ago. Check out the clip below.

A follower posted this message: ‘“He’s not different to those sell out negroes” oooo I felt that,’ and someone else said: ‘Protect this woman at all cost🙏🏾❤️’

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One commenter said: ‘she speaks with power, knowledge and anger for her people.’

Someone else believes that ‘That’s the trap…our strong black brother’s being led or rather mislead into believing we don’t need to be protected by them we can protect ourselves. Don’t fall for it. We need y’all ❤️’

Another Instagrammer said: ‘He would’ve been better off walking out from his job than the of delivering that disrespectful indictment.’

Another follower said: ‘every time she opens her mouth is full of joy what a beautiful woman 🔥🔥❤️’

One commenter wrote: ‘Y’all love blaming black men for everything but hold no accountability for your own part in our demise. We have plenty of sell-out Black women as well and your GOD, Kamala is one of them. Don’t @ me if you won’t acknowledge all the innocent black men she had locked up KNOWING they were innocent.’

Someone else said: ‘So just because he is black he should have ignored the facts of the case????? Should he let people off because they share the same skin tone???? Should he convict others because their skin tone is white???? The fact that you are calling this man out his name AND out his skin tone, just shows that you all want justice to be determined by skin color but not on the merits of the case.’

In other news, Diddy shared a video featuring Malcolm X on his social media account that had people debating the issue of a new party and more.