Doja Cat Denies Rumors Of Collaboration With Nicki Minaj And Ariana Grande

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a post from Doja Cat this week in which the performing artist denied rumors that she, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande would be collaborating on a project. During a conversation with MTV, Doja Cat claimed she was working on her next record.

She described it as an album that would include house, afrobeat songs, and dancehall material. She said she was going to try and cover “all bases.” As a result, many fans of Doja Cat began wondering if there would be a collaboration with some of the other big artists of the day, including Grande and Minaj.

Doja Cat took to her Twitter to say that it was a “completely fan-made rumor” and it wasn’t going to happen. She added that it sounded like a great idea, however, and she’d love to do it. Even though it looks like it won’t come to fruition anytime soon, Doja Cat did note that an Ariana collaboration already existed.

As most know, Doja Cat has been in the headlines on a regular basis over the last few months, but usually for the wrong reasons. For instance, she was excoriated online after it was revealed she had been spending a lot of her time in racist online chat rooms.

Furthermore, Doja Cat was put on blast when she tweeted an anti-Arab joke. After apologizing for participating in ostensibly racist chat rooms, Doja Cat was also under fire from some of her fans for questioning the severity of the coronavirus.

Around a week later, she revealed she had caught it, as well, which some of her meaner followers thought was hilarious. Earlier in the year, she was in the headlines again when Nas poked fun at her in one of his latest songs.

In the track, “Ultra-Black,” he insinuated Doja Cat wasn’t proud of her identity as a black woman. He wrote that he and his crew were going “ultra-black,” “the opposite of Doja Cat.” Doja Cat later dropped an Instagram video in which she mockingly said she was so “offended.”