Donald Trump Gives Special Shout-Out To Polow Da Don At MAGA Rally In Atlanta — Will This Video End His Career After The Keri Hilson And Beyoncé Debacle?

President Donald Trump is trailing his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, by a decent margin in most recent polls, and he is doing everything that he can to change the outcome of the November election.

Trump, who is now hoping to make inroads with the Black vote, has released new plans aimed at pleasing the African-American community.

He unveiled some of his ideas in Atlanta on Friday, and famed music producer Polow Da Don — the man who reportedly encouraged Keri Hilson to go after Beyoncé on the “Turnin Me On” (Remix), something that hurt her career — was in attendance. Trump did not miss the opportunity and gave him a shout-out.

It is unclear if this move was a win for Polow, who is getting being blasted in some corners for associating himself with a politician who has a controversial past when it comes to the Black community.

One commenter said that some people are more focused on money than advancing their community: “Friendly reminder that black people participated in the slave trade of our own people. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re for us.”

This potential Trump backer replied, “I hate when black people write, “All skin folk ain’t kinfolk.” That’s common sense; all black people are not democrats… believe it or not. The problem with black people is that we are the only race to tell other black people how to feel and what they should do in their life. That isn’t none of yall business. Just because we are black doesn’t mean we all think like and guess what, we shouldn’t. Different views and opinions are what this world is based on.”

A person with a little flair for conspiracy theories chimed in, “Many of you have no idea that the nwo is being set up by Dems. You can hate Trump, but he’s actually stopping it. Biden promises free universal healthcare. How can he do that unless it’s through a 1 world system? Some of y’all need to go and pray IN THE NAME OF CHRIST JESUS, and actually find out why this movement is trying to overthrow every govt system in the world. They’re setting you up for an nwo.”

This Polow defender stated: “So, he’s getting ‘cancelled’ for his political stance? Would’ve been better off shooting a Black woman in the foot cause that’s forgivable and understandable with this crowd 😐.”

Polow hit back at critics by saying that they are too lame to understand what is going here.