Dr. Dre And His Legal Team Question Why Nicole Young Needs $2 Million Per Month – They Pay For All Her Needs They Claim

Dr. Dre‘s legal team came out to respond to Young’s request for $2 million in spousal support, and their argument is that they don’t need to fulfill her demands because Dre has already taken care of his estranged wife’s needs.

TMZ reported today that Young has already made more money in the middle of their divorce proceedings than most people of Los Angeles make in a single year. Moreover, the legal documents feature Dre and his team claiming that she’s still living in his house.

The documents also claimed Dre and his guards have been bringing her meals prepared by their chefs three to five times a week. Additionally, Dre’s lawyer says they have been paying her credit card bills as well, including an AmEx Centurion Black Card that has up to $150,000 to $350,000 every month.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Nicole Young and her lawyers were looking to get $5 million, which Dre and his team say was a charge for her lawyers. Dr. Dre‘s lawyer said the claims seem like they’re coming from an “angry person” who has been pushed by “opportunistic lawyers.”

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Regardless of what the facts may be, the divorce has been a controversial one in the hip-hop world. For instance, 50 Cent recently came out to ask why Dre’s wife needed $2 million per month in spousal support, however, Dre’s daughter, Truly, didn’t like it.

As it was previously reported, 50 Cent took to his account to say “these b*tches be crazy, how do you even ask for 2 million a month.” The rapper added a screenshot from a Daily Mail article, and other rappers such as Xzibit wrote, “wtf?”

Approximately three weeks after, Truly found the photo and commented on it by saying that 50 Cent was a “washed up early 2000s rapper” who was jealous of her family’s wealth. Truly went on to put 50 Cent on blast for referring to her mom as a “b*tch.”

Dre’s daughter accused 50 Cent of not having any respect for her or her siblings, saying that his “marketing schemes” were as “vile and disgusting” as he is.