Due To His Charitable Foundation, Leonardo Dicaprio Became Embroiled In A Controversy

This year, there was a considerable increase in the cost of living in the UK. So, a lot of Britons had to drastically reduce their expenditures.

Some people thought the government would help them through this trying time, but the assistance from politicians was far more limited than they had hoped.

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Perhaps this explains why Leonardo DiCaprio was condemned online for receiving funding from the British government.

The Department of the Environment gave the well-known actor’s philanthropic organization more than £116,000 in the past month alone, according to the British tabloid Daily Mail.

It appears that the funds were utilized for safeguarding a pygmy buffalo species that is in danger of going extinct. Leo will reportedly receive a number of additional payments from the British government; it is also known. According to Department officials, “the money was allocated as part of a three-year grant.”

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Internet users are of the opinion that Leonardo DiCaprio, whose net worth surpasses 200 million pounds, ought to decline payments.

Leo was also reminded of an earlier scandal: the actor was charged with hypocrisy at the time for taking a private jet from Cannes to New York to accept an environmental award.

Remember, this is the same DiCaprio who spent $2.5 million on champagne for his 38th birthday celebration. Leonardo hasn’t spoken on the subject yet.

Re: wild, the conservation organization he co-founded last year, has received four lump-cash gifts totaling the eyebrow-raising sum, despite the actor’s 47-year-old net worth of over £200 million.

Defra gave the organization £28,800 in taxpayer money earlier this year to advocate for “rewilding.” In the Philippines, the funds were used to safeguard a species of dwarf buffalo known as the tamaraw.


Additionally, a Defra representative informs me that this is just the latest in a series of payments that British taxpayers will make to the cause.