Elder Scrolls unveils a choose-your-own Twitter adventure

Bethesday recently released the Markarth DLC Game Pack for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), and is currently letting you play ESO online for free until December 9th — as it has done before. To promote the release of the game pack, Bethesday ANZ is offering a choose your own adventure-type story on Twitter, as PC Gamer noted. The first step is to choose a road, snowy hills or the woods, and from there, you can make branching type choices about whether to fight, make friends and more.

Before you stands Markarth, the City of Stone, with its bustling streets dotted by scenic waterfalls. You’re looking for adventure, which is never far away in the Reach. You overhear the words ‘Briar Rock Ruins’ & ‘danger’ in a nearby conversation. Perfect! Time to head out.⬇️ pic.twitter.com/YaKGRruoc9

— Bethesda ANZ (@Bethesda_ANZ) December 4, 2020

Skyrim players will remember Markarth as a city with a waterfall where a shocking Forsworn murder takes place. The Markarth DLC Game Pack concludes the “Dark Heart of Skyrim” storyline that’s been a part of Elder Scrolls’ recent expansions.