Elon Musk Claims That His Father, Errol Musk, Is Not Pleased With His Job Advancement

According to Forbes, Elon Musk , the inventor of Tesla, surpassed Bill Gates as the richest person in the world this year. Musk is unquestionably one of the most prosperous businessmen of our time and an inspiration to many aspiring business owners.

Elon’s career outcomes, in contrast, aren’t viewed as particularly spectacular by his father, Errol. He admitted that he wasn’t proud of his son during an interview with Kyle and Jackie O Show on Australian radio. Errol claims that Elon is five years behind in terms of professional accomplishments.

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Errol Musk says, “It is understandable that he is dissatisfied about the lack of job advancement. Another point is that Kimbal, Elon’s younger brother, has always been Errol’s pride and delight.

Kimbal Musk is a prosperous restaurant and businessman, but his earnings pale in comparison to those of his well-known brother.

Kimbal currently has a net worth of only roughly $1 billion, compared to Musk’s estimated $270 billion. With his renowned son’s presence, Errol is not happy. Elon’s successor was advised to enhance his diet by Musk Sr. after viewing his most recent vacation photos of Elon.

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Causes anxiety in the personal lives of Errol and his kid. He fears that Elon will never find a lady who is willing to give up her profession in order to be in his life.

Elon, however, does not short for female attention; he is the father of nine children by four different women.

Errol Musk further stated that despite their 42-year age difference, he did not find it weird to have children with his own stepdaughter.

In 2018, it came to light that Errol had a child with Bezuidenhout, who is 41 years his junior and whom he had raised since she was four years old, named Elliot Rush, also known as Rushi, who is now five.


The Tesla CEO reportedly went “berserk” when he learned that Bezuidenhout, who stayed with him while born and raised, was the mother of his child with his South African engineer father.