Elon Musk Says He And His Family Don’t Need To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Elon Musk has been a lot more active in the political arena over the last few months, especially with the coronavirus pandemic which led to the closure of many businesses around the country, including his own.

During a new episode of the podcast, Sway, in which Elon was the guest, the Tesla founder reflected on the pandemic and the upcoming vaccine that many people are relying on to put an end to the coronavirus once and for awhile.

Reportedly, the interview covered a number of topics including Tesla’s stock, the presidential election, as well as Starship. However, out of everything discussed, there’s no question that his thoughts on the pandemic got the most discussion.

The host asked Elon if he would get his family the COVID-19 vaccine and he suggested there was really no need because he and his family aren’t susceptible to death or complications even if they don’t get the vaccine.

Furthermore, Elon explained how he thought the quarantine lockdowns were irrational, and only the people who are at risk should have to self-isolate. The business mogul suggested the damage done to the economy and the rest of society was too great.

According to Elon, he and his staff members at SpaceX have been working since the pandemic first started, and they haven’t skipped a day even once. From then on, Elon became visibly annoyed when the journalist asked him more questions about the coronavirus.

Swisher told him to stop complaining about it and do something instead. Musk then agreed and said he had a lot on his mind and didn’t sleep much. To finish off the interview, Elon asked the journalist who he should delegate to if he wanted more information. “That would be great,” the Tesla founder explained.

As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time the CEO of Tesla came under fire by the media for his comments on the pandemic. Earlier this year, the entrepreneur stopped by The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to suggest the lockdowns were unconstitutional and would do more harm than good in the end.