Eva Mendes Shares What She And Ryan Gosling Have Been Doing Amid Lockdown – Claims She’s Going To Start Acting Soon

According to Eva Mendes, she and Ryan Gosling have been spending a lot of time in quarantine together with their children. During a recent conversation with The Sydney Morning Herald, the actress shared what she and Ryan have been up to behind closed doors.

Eva – who has two kids with Ryan, including Esmeralda and Amada – is notoriously private and she prefers to keep her family life out of the headlines. Mendes said to the outlet that it often feels like they’re not taking care of a family, but rather, a “bed-and-breakfast” with the worst kind of guests.

She says their children are “bossy” and they always demand they bring food to them. She says by the time they’re finished eating and getting their needs met, she and her man are left with a lot to clean up.

Mendes went on to say that she and Ryan are doing well, and they just remind each other what matters the most, which is their safety and security.

According to the Once Upon A Time in Mexico star, she has been preoccupied with her children, but her ambition for movies and filmmaking is slowly coming back. Eva says she never felt as though her ambition had fully disappeared, it just re-directed itself toward her kids instead.

The star added how grateful she is, noting how she has a “choice not to work” and realizes how many people aren’t in the same position as her. Eva says she is so “happy” that she was able to take care of her babies without having to worry about anything.

She feels as though her ambition is slowing getting back to where it used to be. As most know, Gosling and Mendes have been dating ever since 2011 where they first met while filming The Place Beyond The Pines, which was a critically acclaimed movie upon its release.

They tied the knot seven years later in 2018. The Place Beyond The Pines starred Gosling, Mendes, and Bradley Cooper.