Exclusive: Arjun Mathur opens up about kissing men on screen

In today’s episode of Filmfare Spotlight, Made in Heaven star Arjun Mathur discussed his Emmy nomination and the critical acclaim he has received for the show. He also discussed how this wasn’t the first time he played a homosexual on screen and and how his support towards the LGTBTQ community has grown over the years.


When asked about how easy or difficult it is to perform an intimate scene with another man, being a heterosexual man, he said, “The anxiety stays for a few hours before the shoot. Once on set, you discuss it casually with your co-actor and then dive right into the scene. The nervousness goes if you put your thoughts on the table before performing the scenes.”


He also further added that sometimes he would think of his girlfriend while filming the scenes to make it look more real and comfortable.

For more on what he said, watch the full episode below.