Fan-made browser that enables Stadia on iOS is back on the App Store

Stadium is available for download on the Apple App Store again. The free fan-made browser gives you a way to play Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service, on iPhones and iPads and was first released back in September. Unfortunately, Apple pulled the app down in October, telling developer Zach Knox that it’s because Stadium uses “public APIs in a manner not prescribed by Apple.” Now that Knox has found a solution to that problem, the tech giant has given Stadium 1.2 its stamp of approval.

Apple revised its App Store guidelines a couple of months ago in a way that would allow game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud to run on iOS devices. (Not perfectly — you’d have to download each game individually, which kinda defeats the purpose of having a cloud gaming subscription.) Stadia still isn’t officially available for iOS, though, which is why fans have been trying to develop workarounds for the service. Stadium works by booting up a spoof of the Chrome browser, giving you access Stadia’s library of games. It also supports a variety of controllers, including Xbox gamepads and DualShocks.