Fat Joe Praises Big Sean During New Interview – Compares Him To The Slain Nipsey Hussle

Fat Joe‘s new eponymous series, The Fat Joe Show, has been making waves over the last few weeks, especially on Instagram Live. As most know, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a career transition for many performing artists as concerts and festivals have shut down.

This has led to entertainment industry figures such as Fat Joe to try out podcasts, with many of them becoming more successful than others. Revolt recently picked up on one of the conversations he had with another hip-hop celebrity.

On the 22nd of September, Fat Joe spoke with the Detroit 2 rapper, Big Sean, where he asked what it was like to have another number one album under his belt. Furthermore, Fat Joe compared Big Sean to Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed outside of his clothing store in 2018.

Fans of Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle know he made a posthumous appearence on his leading single from Detroit 2, “Deep Reverence,” in which Hussle opened the first bars of the track. The song was a hit among fans, despite Sean’s claim that record label executives told him not to drop the track.

During his chat with Big Sean, Joe commented on the ascendancy of Nipsey Hussle, explaining how he was about to make it big in the industry, but even though he never reached his potential, many people still loved him for the “beautiful guy” that he was.

Fat Joe said Nipsey’s charm and kindness is one of the reasons why so many people cared when he died. Joe described him as one of the “nicest guys in the world,” and it was hard for people to let it go that he had passed away.

The rapper then turned his attention and kind words to Big Sean, saying that he had the same effect on people. He added, “people love you” and “people champion” him. Fat Joe went on to say that he wasn’t “out here with the dumb s**t.”

Not long after the clip was shared across social media platforms, Big Sean thanked him for the interview and retweeted it for his fans.