‘Free Guy’ trailer makes Ryan Reynolds an existential NPC

The video game movie Free Guy is still on its way, and a new trailer suggests it might be more of a thoughtful movie than you think. The clip reiterates the basic premise — a non-player character (Ryan Reynolds) realizes he’s part of a video game and becomes a hero to save it — but also makes some surprisingly philosophical statements. When you’re in a virtual world where “nothing you do matters,” it’s the connections you make with others (including Milly, the real-world player portrayed by Jodie Comer) that have meaning.

The trailer also hints that life in the physical world will also play an important role, such as arch-nemesis game developer (Taika Waititi) and even the game show Jeopardy. The virtual romance in the game even creates problems with Milly’s real-world boyfriend (Stanger Things’ Joe Keery).