Google apps will add notifications for ‘critical’ security issues

Google in-app alerts


Besides the new alerts, the company detailed two privacy-focused features. The first is a Guest mode for Google Assistant that’s rolling out in the “coming weeks.” As Google points out, there are plenty of instances where you likely don’t want Assistant saving a question or request to your account. That’s where this new feature comes in.

“With an easy voice command, you can turn on Guest mode, and your Assistant interactions while in this mode won’t be saved to your account,” the company says. It still seems Google is saving conversations in this instance, but they’re not tied to a specific account. We’ve reached out to the company for more information, and we’ll update this article when we hear back.

Lastly, Google says it will soon give you the option to manually edit your location history data through your Timeline. You’ll be able to edit the places you’ve visited, as well as add any missing locations. Google’s new features won’t put a stop to phishing and other malicious activity that could compromise your account, but if you’re diligent about using them, they should offer peace of mind.