Google Photos adds paid color pop editing feature

Shortly after we published this article, a reader informed us that Google Photos’ Color Pop feature is locked behind a Google One paywall. I reached out to Google for confirmation but haven’t heard back yet.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) November 6, 2020

More paid functionality could be on the way as well. Digging through the code of the latest version of Photos, 9to5Google and XDA Developers found evidence of new features, as well as text snippets that prompt users to subscribe to Google One to access them. “As a Google One member, you can get access to extra editing features,” says one of the lines of text 9to5 found. “Unlock this feature and more with a Google One membership,” notes another.

At $2 per month to access the first paid tier of Google One, it won’t cost you too much to use some of the new features Google is adding to Photos. Provided you pay for one of the more expensive tiers, you’ll also get access to the VPN the company recently added as a perk. But the fact you have to pay a subscription to access a selection of Photos’ more advanced features is likely to frustrate some people.