Google’s Pixel 6a falls to a new low price of $399 at Amazon

The Pixel 6a is barely a month old, but that isn’t stopping retailers from offering hefty discounts. Amazon is selling Google’s budget Android phone at a new low price of $399 in Chalk, Charcoal and Sage colors. That’s a $50 discount, and could make it an easy pick if you’re looking for an affordable handset that still packs strong performance. The Pixel Buds lineup is still on sale, too, in case you’re looking for matching wireless earbuds starting at $69.

Buy Pixel 6a (Chalk) at Amazon – $399 Buy Pixel 6a (Charcoal) at Amazon – $399 Buy Pixel 6a (Sage) at Amazon – $399

Simply put, the Pixel 6a is one of the best mid-range phones around. It touts the same Tensor chip as the higher-end Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and delivers excellent camera quality for its price class — it may feel more like a flagship device than a low-cost model. You can similarly expect an eye-catching (if polarizing) design and lengthy battery life. This is the phone to get if you want a ‘pure’ Android experience at the lowest possible price, or just prefer the ‘small’ 6.1-inch screen versus the larger displays of other Pixels or rivals like the Galaxy A53.

There are some sacrifices involved. The 60Hz refresh rate won’t seem as buttery smooth as on other Pixels or the A53. You won’t find wireless charging or more than 128GB of storage, either. And yes, Google dropped the headphone jack that was present on the 5a — you need a dongle if you prefer wired audio. The compromises are easier to accept with a sale like this, however, and the Pixel 6a is easily our pick for a North American phone under $500.

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