Gregg Leakes Publicly Proclaims His Love And Respect For His Wife, NeNe Leakes

Gregg Leakes is proclaiming his love and respect for his beloved wife, NeNe Leakes. As you probably know by now, NeNe said that she’s leaving RHOA and the news came as a massive disappointment for a lot of people.

NeNe Leakes‘ announcement that she’s leaving RHOA made lots of fans od the show sad, but it seems that some of the ladies are hurt by this as well. Check out some messages that Porsha Williams, Cynthia Bailey, and more ladies sent NeNe.

Here’s Gregg message on social media:

‘HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN..Then if you have, you have seen one of the Strongest Black Women on this planet.Trust me I know.. I have seen her go thru what most couldn’t. I have see her take blows that would knock most off their feet, I have see her deal with soooo much pressure and keep it moving. I have see her laugh and I have seen her cry. This Woman is Amazing in many ways. I can say ALL of this and more, cause I’m her husband and Very Proud to be so. Babe, Stand in YOUR Truth and YOUR Beliefs, God got YOU…Love and Happiness hunni…Yasssssssss…..’ he captioned the post.

Someone said this in the comments: ‘Nene Leakes made the show you are the only reason I was watching anyway.’

Another follower posted this: ‘I’m not sure why, but every time I see Nene, I think of Barney the purple dinosaur. They have the same smile.’

One commenter wrote: ‘Thank you for being a supportive husband who helped to hold her up when life/people/situations tried to bring her down. May GOD’s choicest blessings continue to rain down upon you both.’

NeNe took a break from social media, but now she’s back and she had some pretty interesting things to tell her fans and followers.