Hackers tricked GoDaddy into helping attacks on cryptocurrency services

GoDaddy’s 2020 security woes aren’t over. KrebsOnSecurity has found that hackers tricked GoDaddy employees into handing ownership or control of multiple cryptocurrency services’ web domains, inadvertently aiding attacks that brought sites down. It’s not certain how many companies fell victim to the effort, but Liquid.com and NiceHash reported problems within days of each other. Bibox, Celsius and Wirex might also have been among the targets, although they haven’t confirmed anything as of this writing.

It’s uncertain just how the hackers succeeded, but a successful March campaign against sites like Escrow.com likely relied on “vishing,” or voice calls that point targets toward phishing sites meant to harvest account sign-ins. Attackers frequently try to convince staff they’re from a company’s IT department and just want to resolve technical issues.